27 Things That Will Make Your Life Easier, Period

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1. Just respond to the email already.

2. Call your mom. Chat for five minutes, pretend that public transportation is coming/you’re walking in to work/the battery is low, then get off the phone. All she wants is to know you’re not dead — and to know that your relationship, no matter how shaky it may be, is still intact.

3. Make your bed — it makes the entire room look cleaner.

4. Write out a list by hand. Google may have invented every list-making tool on the planet, but writing it down commits it to memory — and, contrary to popular belief, not every place has internet.

5. When you get a free minute, clean out the thing nearest you, whether it’s a drawer, your gym bag, or your fridge. Just open the door, look at what is moldy, and throw it out.

6. When you get a free moment…

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12 Things That Show You Who You Really Are

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1. What your ugly looks like.

There are few times in our lives we are uglier than fresh after heartbreak, so that’s a good place to start. We’re reeling and hysterical and compromising every conversation with the news of our failed romance. We are selfish and pathetic and quite possibly the worst version of ourselves. Watch yourself when you’re at your ugliest. Understanding who you are isn’t all about noting all of your positive qualities, although that is important too. You have to understand yourself as a whole person, the good, the bad, the ugly. 

2. What you do when you’re upset.

Do you quietly calm yourself without telling anybody? Do you take it out on other people? Do you act out physically or violently? These are all signs of what’s brewing underneath your surface, or more so, your grasp on self control.

3. How you treat others who can…

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15 Reasons Your Relationships Keep Not Working Out

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It’s so easy for us to give up faith in relationships. Many of us have thought about quitting several times. People will tell you, “When you fall off a horse, you have to get back on.” That’s provided you haven’t concluded that you don’t even want to be on that damn horse. Relationships can be like horses. Some people think they’re beautiful, remarkable, strong and elegant creatures. Others think they’re stinky, stupid, wild and really not all that important to their lives. There’s many ways to view relationships; the key is that we’ve all got to find ourselves in self-examination when relationships fail or don’t work out. Yes, there are many times when it wasn’t our fault, it was their fault. However, there are times that regardless of who’s fault, it’s time to examine why it isn’t working out.

1. You don’t know when to shut up — There comes…

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10 Moments That Make A Best Friendship

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Though there are many moments that construct a friendship over years, through all kinds of shared experiences and emotions, there are 10 in a best friendship that make you realize, whether in the moment or with the perspective of time, how lucky you are to have them.

1. Telling a secret and knowing it’s not going anywhere.

It’s hard telling a secret. We keep all of these ugly, unfit-for-society thoughts and feelings bottled up in us for so long — convinced that telling another soul would be social suicide. After all, what is a juicy secret for many if not the chance to pass a piece of gossip? It’s hard not to feel that telling one person would be telling everyone, no matter how much you emphasize that it’s for their ears only. That is, of course, except with your best friend. With them, you can be honest about your…

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What good am I for?

Sometimes I really do wonder what I am here for. This is a question that I am really wondering about.

Frankly saying, I really have no idea what I am here for, what I am going to do with my life and the sorts. It is definitely not wrong to say that I am living my life without a goal everyday, doing the exact same things, going with the flow, without any specific goals at all.

I look at people who have goals in their life with awe. How can anyone, especially young people, know what they are going to do in future? I see my classmates volunteering during their holidays, having some sort of “what-i-want-to-be-when-i-am-40” goals, and working hard towards it. And here I am, not knowing what exactly I am doing.

If I were to look at myself from a third party’s point of view, I will describe myself as screwed up. I am going to be 22, with very little work experience, introverted with little friends, not into reading, not good at specifically anything, a spendthrift that loves shopping online. Probably the only thing I am good at will be… I have secured a job for myself for the next 7 years I guess.

Oh well, perhaps I really should get my priorities set right, and get a goal for my life. 

7 Stupid Things We Say To Overweight People


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1. Just exercise and diet.

Perhaps this is a point of contention—allow me to lay it to rest:

It is now 2013 and we all know that exercise and diets are effect ways to lose weight. No overweight person in the era of Google is overweight because they are ignorant of this effective weight loss method. It is entirely likely that the person you are talking to is having a hard time following this advice, and stating the path they are struggling to take as if you were dispensing Enlightenment itself on them is really obnoxious of you.

2. You’re not fat, you’re just healthy!

Probably telling someone they’re “just [adjective]” will never pass for a sincere compliment. Aim higher.

3. Have you tried Weight Watchers?

I always hear my pregnant friends complain that the minute they start showing they are inundated with unsolicited advice on pregnancy, giving birth and…

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Bias list, pass it on.


  • 2AM:  
  • 2NE1:   CL
  • 2PM:   Taecyeon
  • 4minute:  Hyuna
  • AOA:   —
  • After School:   
  • APink:  
  • Bangtan:   —
  • B.A.P:  
  • B1A4:  
  • Beast:  
  • Big Bang:   Daesung
  • Block B:  
  • Boyfriend:  
  • Brown Eyed Girls:  
  • BtoB:  
  • C-Clown:   —
  • CNBlue:   Yong Hwa/Jonghyun
  • Dalmatian(DMTN):   —
  • Dal★Shabet:   —
  • Davichi:   —
  • DBSK:  
  • DGNA:   —
  • Epik High:   Tablo
  • EXO K:  
  • EXO M:  
  • F(x):  
  • F.Cuz:  
  • FT Island:   
  • Girl’s Day:   —
  • Girls’ Generation:   Yoona
  • Hello Venus:   —
  • History:   —
  • Infinite:   
  • JJ Project:   —
  • Kara:  Hara
  • LC9:   —
  • MBLAQ:  Lee Joon
  • Miss A:   Suzy
  • MYNAME:   —
  • Nine Muses:  
  • Nu’est:  
  • Rainbow:   —
  • Rania:   —
  • Secret:  
  • SHINee:   
  • SHINHWA:  
  • Sistar:   Hyorin
  • SS501:   Kim Hyun Joong
  • Sunny Hill:   —
  • Super Junior:   
  • Supreme Team:   —
  • T-ara:  
  • Teen Top:  
  • U-Kiss:  
  • VIXX :   
  • Wonder Girls:  
  • ZE A: