17 Self-Centered Things Everyone Does Without Realizing It

Thought Catalog

1. Listening to someone talk about a personal problem only to immediately make it about you and a problem you are going through when they stop talking. You might think you’re empathizing, but it usually just comes off as “My turn to talk about problems.”

2. Lying to someone about why you are late or have to cancel for something, because you don’t want them to get mad at you, even though it totally screws it up for the rest of us who actually do have a reason to be late.

3. Answer question after question about yourself without stopping to ask the other person a question. Even if it feels unnatural to shift the conversation around and focus it on them, it’s still an important thing to do.

4. Complaining about your job in front of someone who is having a really hard time finding one.

5. Allowing yourself…

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