What good am I for?

Sometimes I really do wonder what I am here for. This is a question that I am really wondering about.

Frankly saying, I really have no idea what I am here for, what I am going to do with my life and the sorts. It is definitely not wrong to say that I am living my life without a goal everyday, doing the exact same things, going with the flow, without any specific goals at all.

I look at people who have goals in their life with awe. How can anyone, especially young people, know what they are going to do in future? I see my classmates volunteering during their holidays, having some sort of “what-i-want-to-be-when-i-am-40” goals, and working hard towards it. And here I am, not knowing what exactly I am doing.

If I were to look at myself from a third party’s point of view, I will describe myself as screwed up. I am going to be 22, with very little work experience, introverted with little friends, not into reading, not good at specifically anything, a spendthrift that loves shopping online. Probably the only thing I am good at will be… I have secured a job for myself for the next 7 years I guess.

Oh well, perhaps I really should get my priorities set right, and get a goal for my life. 


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