5 Truths No One Likes To Hear

Thought Catalog

1. Some people just don’t want to be your friend

Everyone has that one friend we always feel rejected by. We constantly try to make plans with them to hang out but we’re always met with some explanation of “You know, this week is just really insane. I could do a lunch from 2:10 to 2:20 three weeks from now though…” They make themselves seem like the busiest person on Planet Earth. Busier than James Franco! How could they ever have a moment to see a friend for drinks? Don’t you just know how positively swamped they are?! You’re so insensitive, flaunting around your balanced life of work and socializing. The Busiest Person On Earth is preoccupied with canceling plans to hang out and walking swiftly to Very Important Places—places that you can’t come to!

Yeah, this is a load of BS. I know you’re trying to keep the friendship…

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