19 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Humans

Thought Catalog

Dogs rule, humans drool.

1. They are happier

You could work your entire life to be happy and you will still never attain the level of unadulterated bliss a dog feels when you merely walk in the door. A dog’s resting emotion is happiness, there’s no effort involved.

2. They are richer

Over one million puppies in the U.S. are the primary beneficiaries in their owner’s will.

3. They are amazing athletes

Dogs possess a crazy amount of athletic prowess. Not only do they have seemingly endless energy to run up and down the stairs, they can do straight up flips to catch a ball, swim in currents and sprint as fast as 45 miles per hour.

4. In a book about humans, they still get a shout out from God

Dogs are mentioned in the Bible 14 times.

5. They calm people in a crisis

As humans…

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